Kapok drapes have been used in thousands of locations throughout the world, including some of the most prestigious buildings in the UK. Below are some recent examples of our drapes in operation. If you'd like some more information, or to arrange a quote, please contact us.

  • Standard Grade

  • White Drape with warning label and panel access

  • White Drape showing Wire Hook attachments

  • White Drape

  • Wire Hook

  • Fitted drapes

  • The completed White Drape Wire Hook

  • Suction Hook

  • Premium Flooring

  • Premium Flooring

  • Bag

  • Blue Drape with Panel

  • Blue Drape with Warning Label

  • Blue Drape with Panel

  • Access Panel

  • Kapok No.1 Stud

  • Brown Drapes

  • Brown Drapes with Access Panel

  • Brown Drapes

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About us

Kapok 88 is an internationally recognised brand that designs and manufactures padded protective drapes to prevent damage to walls.

Our products are typically used in elevators, stairwells and hallways where large or bulky items are being transported.

Our services

We offer the complete "one stop shop service". Our fully trained installations team will attend onsite to advise on the best options, install any of our fixtures and fittings and take complete measurements to ensure a guaranteed fit.

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