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A handy handrail solution for lifts
For those lifts (or elevators) that do not have any handrails, fitting them retrospectively has, in the past, been difficult to do and expensive to implement. This is where the e-li handrail solution is perfect.
Our Elevator Pitch! Protective drapes for lifts – a cost/benefit analysis.
Architects, developers, facilities managers, building owners and operators can overlook the fact that the walls and floors of lifts are not immune to getting damaged.
It’s 15 Years with Kapok 88 for Griff
Law Griffiths, or Griff as he’s known to everyone (except his mother!), has just celebrated 15 years with Kapok 88. Starting as an installations engineer in 2006, Griff very quickly became an important member of the team, going on to become General Manager.
Kapok 88 donates lift hygiene covers to the Ronald McDonald Houses Charity
Kapok 88, Europe’s leading supplier of protective drapes for the inside of elevators, is helping keep lifts germ free at six Ronald McDonald houses.
Donating '88' Hygiene Covers to charities, not for profit, or care homes
We are donating ‘88’ Lift/Elevator Hygiene Covers for Push Station buttons to charities, non-profit making organisations or care homes as our way of supporting others during this pandemic.
What if....? KAPOK 88 Frequently Asked Questions
Got a question? Here are the answers to some often asked questions.
Kapok 88 drapes at Dubai Hills Mall
44 sets of Kapok 88 drapes destined for KONE lifts at the latest Emaar Dubai Hills Mall project.
Fighting the Coronavirus with KAPOK 88 lift hygiene covers
KAPOK 88's hygienic protective flameproof PVC cover for lift control panels & push buttons
Kapok 88 invests in Smart Energy
Our business has benefited from the Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire programme through grant funding to help us become more energy efficient