KAPOK 88 - Launching a new look brand & logo

KAPOK 88, the UK’s & Europe’s No.1 elevator interior protection company launches re-designed logo and website at Liftex 2019.

Richard B. Annable, managing director said: “KAPOK 88 has grown significantly to include many global distributors and is evolving to produce the best and most modern solutions possible. We wanted the Kapok 88 website to reflect this constant adaptation with a clean, contemporary design. The new Kapok 88 colours mirror many companies within the industry it serves, to align the brand with its customers and provide something that is familiar and accessible. Even as the company continues to grow, it will still maintain our faith and commitment to those who make its business possible”.

Inspiration for the new logo came from the very simple notion of protection, with the shape of two cupped hands as a metaphor for care and protection. KAPOK 88 padded protective drapes 'embrace' elevator and internal walls creating a protective layer, so the new brand mark, the Kapok 88 'hug', was created, which encompasses the essence of the KAPOK 88 brand.

KAPOK 88 padded protective drapes help customers protect their investments, reducing business costs and downtime caused by accidental damage. KAPOK 88 pride themselves on providing end-to-end support for customers, so you get a great experience whenever you utilize one of their solutions.

 KAPOK 88’s new look extends to the website, and all marketing materials.