'Moving’ in new circles at the Seaside

As the ‘go to’ people for elevator interior protection, we're looking forward to exhibiting for the first time at the British Association of Removers Annual Conference in Bournemouth.

For the first time, we're going to be exhibiting at the British Association of Removers Annual Conference 2018 (18th to 19th May 2018) in Bournemouth.

We’ll be introducing our ready-made elevator protection kit, sharing the benefits of investing in padded protective drapes. 

Elevator interiors will continue to evolve, with further growth of technology from flat screens, to unique finishes and 3D effects to name a few. Looking after such a valuable asset contributes to maintaining the appearance and image of the property.

Richard Annable, our Managing Director, said: "I believe our ready-made kit provides that extra protection to professional moving solutions at minimal cost.  

"Elevators are often essential for the transportation of furniture and office equipment and during moves they are susceptible to damage, dents, scuffs, scratches.

"The elevator is an expensive asset of any property which needs protection and the issue over repairing damage is something you can do without.  Furniture and belongings are fully protected, but what about the elevator?”  

KAPOK 88’s padded protective drapes provide the answer.