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Padded protective elevator drapes

​​The KAPOK 88 team manufacture padded protective elevator drapes with 'Bashability' for temporarily covering interior walls to absorb impact & prevent accidental damage from scratches, dents and wear & tear.

Our drapes are a convenient & quality solution to extend the life of your interior walls, particularly if bulky items or furniture are being transported or delivered. 

Our drapes are most frequently used in elevators, but are equally suitable for stairways, hallways and other areas where you need to protect a wall from damage.


Colours, styles, and customisations

Depending on your requirements, we specialise in both custom-made elevator drapes which will guarantee you a perfect fit, or a five piece modular set, which is designed to fit the majority of standard size elevators, and can provide more options for coverage.

Choose from a range of colours which best compliments your interior or Company brand, we offer:

  • Beige
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Black (our latest colour option)

There are the additional options of personalising the drapes with your logo and we sell temporary floor protection.

Our lift and elevator drapes save you time and effort, and the unexpected costs of repair.  They are easy and quick to install when needed using pre-positioned fixings individually tailored to the highest specification.

Each set of drapes come with an easy to carry storage bag for when your drapes are not being used.  They also have the benefits of being reusable,  flameproof to BS5867 standard, water repellent, and wipe-clean.

What we do for you?

  • Drapes are tailor made to suit your requirements
  • Site visit (UK mainland)
  • Take measurements
  • Advise on & install appropriate fixings
  • Guaranteed fit
  • Delivered by courier

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Fixtures & fittings

We offer a full range of fixtures and fittings for our drapes to suit your elevator interior including:

  • Studs
  • Wire hooks
  • Magnetic fixing
  • Mirror hook
  • Extendible rail
  • Tenax

Please contact us and we'll discuss the best options for your specific requirements.

Prevent damage to your elevators, stairwells or internal walls with KAPOK 88 drapes Get a Quote

About us

​​Kapok 88, a 2nd generation family business, is an internationally recognised brand that designs and manufactures padded protective drapes to prevent damage to walls.

Our custom made products are typically used in elevators, stairwells and hallways where large or bulky items are being transported.

Our Fitting services

​​We offer the complete "one stop shop service". Our fully trained installations team will attend onsite anywhere in the UK to advise on the best options, install any of our fixtures and fittings and take complete measurements to ensure a guaranteed fit.



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