Our Solutions

Exceptional solutions for protecting your building’s elevators and interiors

Don’t settle for damaged walls or expensive elevator repairs.

Protect your assets from accidental harm to cut down your costs and preserve your excellent first impression.

Elevator wall protection

As Europe’s leading manufacturer of elevator protection pads, we produce a convenient and superior way to look after the lifts in your buildings and the passengers who in ride them. Our protective drapes with built in 'Bashability' remove the risk of bumps and dents that can lead to the deterioration of your lift. Choose between ready-made or custom-made, with a great choice of fixtures and fittings.

Interior wall and furniture protection

Add a layer of protection to anywhere you need it to cut down costs on repair and cleaning for your investments. Our bespoke interior drapes can be used on walls and furniture to prevent wear and tear when moving things around, so the time and money you invest in decor won’t go to waste when you want a change. Our synthetic drapes are a brilliant, low-risk protection choice.

Elevator floor protection

Your elevator can have tremendous amounts of foot traffic in a day, and making sure its floor remains safe and attractive is important. We offer made-to-measure solutions to keep your lift floor pristine when doing heavy jobs, so you don’t have to worry about repairs later down the line. Our choice of flooring is a cost-effective way to keep floors looking good.

e-li easy installation handrails

There are a number of challenges you can face when installing lift handrails, such as limited space or wall mirrors. The e-li handrail is an innovative solution to take the hassle out of installations, even when the circumstances aren’t ideal. Its durable and simple design takes out the need for multiple fitters and shaft access, making it a great time and money saver.

Elevator Hygiene Covers

KAPOK 88 Hygiene Covers allow easy cleaning of the push buttons within elevators and the landing call buttons whilst protecting both the passengers & elevator.