Elevator wall protection

A premium innovation with Bashability for ultimate elevator protection

Elevators are expensive investments, so it’s important to keep the interiors in good condition. They're an integral part of many buildings, so taking measures to prevent damage and downtime can mean huge savings and much happier riders.

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Maintaining positive passenger experiences, the look of an elevator, or extending its lifespan are all key reasons to need first-class solutions that keep your elevator in excellent working order. And as technology in elevators improves, including screens and interfaces to engage riders on their journey, the need to protect these valuable assets is growing.

Kapok 88’s elevator wall protection makes it easy and convenient for you to prevent the sort of wear and tear that leads to the rapid deterioration which could reduce the life of your elevator.

Our specialist drapes are hung onto the walls of your elevator to provide a shielding layer (which here at Kapok 88 we call 'Bashability') to absorb impact. When you're planning on moving things in and out of the lift, you can avoid bumps, scratches and dents.


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As Europe's leading innovator in interior elevator wall protection, we want to make sure that no matter what you need to do, your elevator can always be maintained and protected.

Our products are used across the world in locations such as the Lakhta Tower and Buckingham Palace, and for protecting elevators in jobs ranging from moving bulky items to transporting heavy machinery between floors. With 30 years’ experience in providing first-class products, we’re experts in quality elevator protection.

We’ve built our solid reputation on quality, price, service and speed, making sure you get a premium experience without an unnecessarily high price tag.

Our elevator protection can be custom-made so you will have a guaranteed fit, or you can purchase a single ready-made solution designed to fit a range of different elevators.

Custom-made lift wall protection
Made-to-measure protective padding with permanent or temporary fixings, so you'll have a guaranteed fit, with easy installation every time This solution is perfect for elevators requiring bespoke design, or multiple lifts of the same size which will benefit from a quick fitting when you need to reduce downtime as much as possible.

With our custom-made wall protection package, we provide handmade drapes to the exact specifications of your lift. You will benefit from specially measured panels for buttons or screens, and we can install any necessary fixings within your elevator so that you can quickly and easily install or remove the drapes in a matter of minutes.

This kit is invaluable in increasing the lifespan of your lift, as it prevents any wear-and-tear that could be the number one factor in any early unexpected issues with your elevator.

We also offer our drapes in a range of colours so you can match them to you building decor or brand, as well as several types of minimalist, stylish fixings.

As a ‘one stop shop’ service, we conduct free mainland UK site-visits where we can provide advice on solutions that might work best for you, as well as take measurements and do any required installation. For those outside the UK, this service is also provided by our distributors. Our lead time is around 10-14 days, so your new solution will be with you before you know it.

The price of our custom-made packages is personalised to your exact needs, so get in touch now for a quote.

What's included?

  • Site visits to take measurements, provide advice and install drape fixings
  • Made-to-measure, handmade wall protection guaranteed to fit
  • Reversible flame-proof and water-repellent fabric
  • PVC panels to access elevator buttons, controls and screens
  • Optional company branding and a choice in drape colour, from beige, blue, grey, brown or black
  • Multiple fixing options, chosen to suit you
  • Courier delivery at no extra cost
  • 10-14 day turnaround
  • Optional temporary floor protection

Fixtures and Fittings

We offer a brilliant range of both permanent and temporary fixtures to suit your practical and decorative needs. You can see our options in more detail in our gallery or get in touch for more information about what we can offer.

Ready-made lift wall protection
Our modular five-piece wall protection kit is designed to fit most passenger elevators and is easily transportable from one location to another. This kit is perfect for protecting many different elevators and keeping the kit with you when you’re on the move.

Our modular wall protection package is perfect for protecting lifts of different sizes, as its flexible design means it can fit the length of most elevators. This portable kit can be stored and taken to multiple locations. It offers the best protection against accidental damage and costly repairs to most lifts and anything being transported in them.

This solution requires no fixings to be fitted, and no measurements so you can get out-of-the-box protection. It comprises of five pieces, which can be installed in a lift with either an extendible rail, wire hooks or suction cups in minutes.

You can also customise the drapes and their bag with your logo, so your protection is not only useful but suited to your brand.

Once you’re done with the drapes, you can simply remove them from the elevator and store them in their provided bag until you need them for another job in any location.

What's included?

  • Handmade five-piece wall protection, adaptable to most elevator sizes
  • Storage bag to transport protection to multiple locations
  • Reversible flame-proof and water-repellent fabric
  • A PVC panel to access elevator buttons and controls
  • Courier delivery at no extra cost
  • Optional logo customisation

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