Kapok 88 Protects Revolutionary Lift Interior!

Two multimedia elevators installed in the St James Quarter in Edinburgh are being protected by elevator drapes supplied by Kapok 88.
The elevators, which incorporate a multimedia sensation, feature dinosaurs, a New York skyscape, a Scottish space station and even a man peeping through blinds. They have been installed in the newly opened St James Quarter shopping centre in the centre of Edinburgh with its 850,000 sq. ft of retail space.
With elevators costing tens of thousands of pounds each, it is vital that the interior panels are protected when moving stock, supplies, furniture and fittings between floors, retail outlets, restaurants and the hotel. Kapok 88 is Europe’s leading supplier of protective drapes for the inside of elevators. The specialist drapes are easily & quickly hung onto the interior walls of an elevator providing a shielding layer (which they call Bashability), which can be used time & time again to absorb any impacts.
The elevators are machine room-less lifts for mid-rise buildings and low-rise buildings. They redefine what a commercial elevator can be with built-in connectivity, improved people flow and an inspiring lift experience.
To see a film of the elevator in action, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8Ef4G4BmQ8
Kapok 88 drapes can be supplied in a range of colours and fixing options and can incorporate a client’s logo for brand reinforcement.
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