What if….? KAPOK 88 Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Here are the answers to some often asked questions.

What fixing do I need for my KAPOK 88 padded protective drapes?
The best fixing depends on your elevator interior and whether you want to have a permanent or temporary fixing.  We have a range of both permanent and temporary fixings.   For example, if you have a glass elevator or mirrors, suction hooks can sometimes be the best option.
How quickly can you make a set of padded protective drapes?
Our standard lead time for manufacturing and dispatch is within 7-10 working days, but if you have a particularly tight deadline then we will always do our best to meet it.
I would like my KAPOK 88 padded drapes personalized with our logo – is that possible?
Yes.  You will just need to provide us with your logo at the point of order.  There will be an additional charge to include a logo on the drapes.
 What information do I need to provide?
We offer an onsite service anywhere on the UK mainland, our Installations team will take all the necessary measurements to create your drapes.  
If we are supplying only, then we will require a completed order form or drawing with key measurements of the lift to be able to provide you with an accurate quote.
Can you make KAPOK 88 drapes with a combination of fixings?
Yes.  As our drapes are bespoke we can manufacture the drapes to suit your elevator interior. 
What is the difference between standard and premium floor protection?
Premium floor protection is 12mm thick plastic tiles with a yellow ramped edge to the entrance, whereas standard floor protection is a 3mm rubber mat cut to size.
How do I measure my elevator correctly?
We will need the floor to ceiling height, width and depth of your elevator (including the detail of any panel joins if possible).  You also need to provide the location and dimensions of the elevator’s control panel and the location of any mirrors or glass.
If you wish to order front/door returns with your KAPOK 88 drapes then you would need to provide the width of those also. 
Alternatively, if the elevator is in the UK, our Installations team are able to provide a measuring/site survey.   The benefit of this is we guarantee your drapes will fit perfectly and we can advise on the best fixing option for you.
What if I don’t want a permanent fixing in my elevator?
No problem you can choose from our temporary fixings such as extendable rails, suction hooks or magnets.
Can you provide a sample of your drapes?
Yes.  If you provide us with your contact details we can arrange to send you a free sample.
Can I just order the drape fixings?
Yes.  If you contact us with the drape fixing your require we can provide you with a quote for supply and delivery.
What payment options do I have?
For customers who are ordering with us for the first time we ask for payment in full before delivery, this can be done by invoice or over payment over the phone. 
Will I be able to see what my KAPOK 88 drapes will look like before delivery?
If we are manufacturing your drapes with a permanent fixing (such as Kapok No.1 Studs) or with your logo then a production drawing would be sent to you before production started for you to approve.
How much does a set of KAPOK 88 drapes cost?
The price varies depending on the size of the elevator, if you are ordering logos, floor protection and if it is supply only or our fitting service is required.  If you email us with your elevator details we will be happy to provide you with a free personalised quote. 
What if I want to re-order the same drapes in future?
We keep a record of all orders so don’t worry we will have the measurements and specifications available to manufacture you another set.
What if I need to protect internal walls rather than a lift?
We can help! We also specialize in interior wall protection using our padded protective fabric.  Get in touch with your details and I’m sure we will be able to help you.
We have worked with customers on some really interesting projects such as artist materials, advertising, TV programmes, and a private jet!
Are the drapes reusable?
KAPOK 88 drapes are designed that you can easily install and remove to be used multiple times as and when you need them.  When they are not being used, you can safely store them away using the storage bag which is supplied with every set of drapes.
What if I need the drapes to fit more than one elevator?
Our ready-made modular set of drapes may be the best option for you if the lifts will be of different sizes.  However, if you have multiple lifts/elevators of the same size/specification, then maybe its just a case of ordering more than one set of fixings.   Get in touch and we can advise you on the best option for your circumstances.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing [email protected] or telephoning 01949 843020 if you need any further information, we will be happy to help.